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Meeting between Mashprom and Nippon Steel


Meeting between Mashprom and Nippon Steel

On April 09, 2015 Managers of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co and JSC R&D Enterprise MASHPROM hold a meeting in Tokyo.

The Russian side was represented by Mr. Aleksandr Kotelnikov (Managing Director of Mashprom). The Japanese side was represented by Mr. Tadashi Ninomiya (General Manager, Steel Plant Marketing Dept.) and Mr. Okada Kunio (Director of ROTOBO, non-profit organization acting under the auspices of Japanese Ministry of economy, trade and industry).

The issues discussed at the meeting covered:

  • Results of cooperation in projects on modernization of metallurgical equipment of Russian steel works
  • New technologies and equipment designed by Nippon Steel that may be introduced in Russian companies.

The following technologies were considered to be of particular interesting for Russian industry:

Blast furnace process

  • Hot stoves for Blast furnaces
  • ECO IRON (technology for DR process)
  • High efficiency heat exchangers
  • Highly efficient bell-less top charging systems that are more cost-effective than western comparable technologies
  • Hydraulic tapping machines.

Steel making

  • Long life converters (expected life is up to 40 years resulting from the application of special steel SEV-mod and air cooling)
  • KR desulphurization equipment
  • In-mold Electromagnetic stirrer (NS M-EMS) for slab and bloom casters
  • NS Soft Reduction and NS Hard Reduction
  • NS plasma heater in tundish that enables to reduce steel production costs for 1.75 $/ton and to improve the quality of product.

Steel sheets processing

  • Continuous galvanizing lines
  • Continuous coating lines
  • Electrolytic tinning lines.

The parties have agreed to continue and widen their strategic cooperation and have signed the Agreement defining avenues of future cooperation up to 2020.

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