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Supervisory audit is successfully passed


Supervisory audit is successfully passed

Outside auditing firm TÜV NORD checked Mashprom’s quality management system. During the audit outside auditors accompanied by the Mashprom’s quality management department staff examined the business processes.

Specialists of Mashprom, JSC have rich experience in development of methods for assurance and improvement of output product quality. At present the company is implementing electronic document flow on the basis of 1C: Document management and 1C: ERP. Implementation of these systems will allow to create common space for storage of all documents related to all business processes and to simplify the process of monitoring of up-to-dateness of the documents and eventually to save time for their search. Mashprom keeps up with the times and introduces modern program systems for development of engineering documentation. At present the company adopts COMPAS-GRAPHIC and COMPAS-3D.

The auditors highly appreciated the maturity of company’s management system and remarked that Mashprom is one of the best companies in the Ural region certified by TÜV NORD. All employees know their parts in the quality management system and contribute to the development and improvement of company’s business activity.

No discrepancies were found during the audit. Based on the results of the audit the quality management system of Mashprom, JSC is in full conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards.

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